Our mission is to provide simple and affordable estate planning without compromising on quality.

The Team Behind EasyTrust

At EasyTrust we believe everyone should have access to simple and affordable estate planning documents.

Drawing from the experience of Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and Yelp, we build software that makes legal paperwork easy and accessible for you to protect your assets, ensure your medical wishes are carried out, and protect your finances from the control of strangers.

The revocable living trust documents and tools we've developed for your use are drafted by our team attorney experienced in estate planning, powers of attorney, and contract drafting.

Each estate planning document is modernized for 2019 and based on extensive research of the most practical and common needs of individuals, couples, and families.

A Letter from the Founder


In 2007, my grandfather died. He was an avid golfer, stamp-collector, cigar-lover, and judge who had a modest amount of assets that had appreciated over time.

Unlike my other relatives who only had a will, he had a revocable living trust. I saw first-hand what an incredible difference it made for my family who was mourning greatly upon his death.

Thanks to his living trust, we did not need to go through the probate process to access his property, bank accounts, and titled property.

My family did not have to go through his state's required one-year probate process and saved $26,000+ worth of legal and court fees because he had a living trust with his property titled under it.

Years later, I decided it was time to protect my own family with a revocable living trust.

After painstakingly calling lawyers for a standard living trust and estate plan, I selected one with an average fee of $1,900.
What happened next was incredibly underwhelming and disappointing.

It took 3 weeks for the "faster" service and several meetings in-person working around their schedule.

The final result? A boiler-plate template.
The only thing that made it seem nice was the "Estate Planning" folder.

I reviewed the documents and thought:
"I can't believe this is a $2,000+ service... And, I still need to purchase one for my parents..."

That's when the initial concept of EasyTrust was born.

Working alongside one of the sharpest and most experienced contract drafting attorneys I've met and talented engineers with almost a decade of experience in online security and backend development, our team spent has thousands of hours in combined effort to bring you the estate planning forms and secure processes on this site.

The documents you are using have been been vetted extensively to help you create your own standard living trust and full estate plan.
My own family is protecting our assets with the trust documents of this site.
As so many far more intelligent than myself have told me, "Planning while you are healthy and able is a must".

I truly believe that you will look back at this decision and be pleased you spent an hour or two doing them today before it's too late.

Thank you so much for visiting--
We look forward to helping you protect your legacy for generations to come.


Alice Karsevar